Best Way To Travel by Train

KTM ETS is an electric rail service operated by Malaysian railway company, Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM). KTM offers three rail services on a daily basis from Malaysian capital, JB to Kuala Lumpur. A train journey from Malaysia to Singapore’s capital, Kuala Lumpur is an appropriate choice for those who aspire to visit this Malaysia’s modern city.When you travel between Singapore and Malaysia for leisure or businesses, you can easily book online train tickets provided by Easybook.

This is an online company that has been outsourced by KTM to sell tickets on their behalf. Easybook has a very simple and efficient online booking platform for train tickets. People wishing to travel have the ability to chose either a two-way or one-way trip according to their preference. Train transport is the most comfortable, easiest and cheapest mode of traveling from Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur.

The journeys have both first class and second class seat ranges. The night train also has first class and second class bed berths. First class has a cabin sleeper and private toilet.The also enjoy LCD TV services.If you wish to travel in any class, the options are indicated Easybook. Other details found in Easybook online platform include departure time, destination, the date of departure and return date and time.


KTM own these ETS trains therefore, travel destinations were planned by the company. Customers tend to enjoy excellent services and food delivery.Customers who have used Easybook services attest that they are fast, save time and are more comfortable when compared to air or bus transport. Easybook services are also cheap and secure thus protecting details of their customers from prying eyes. Kuala Lumpur is a city with many tourist attractions and receives millions of visitors each year. Many tourists also find it fun to visit Johor Bahru, the capital city of Malaysia as it neighbors Singapore.A train journey between those two cities takes about seven hours.

KTM also offers train services to other Malaysian cities.Train transport is the most economical and easiest way to travel to your destination. KTM train tickets are offered to all customers by Easybook online company. KTM prices are mostly charged according to the destination intended. Special discounts are also offered to customers using KTM trains by Easybook. KTM Johor train to Singapore is fast and enjoyable. Travelling in it gives someone a relaxed experience.

KTM equips its trains with modern seats, sleeping berths and television sets to enable the customer to enjoy the journey without boredom.Customers who are busy and don’t have time to queue for tickets have a great advantage as they only book for train tickets online. They get them same service at a faster rate than waiting in line.

The KTM train from Malaysian capital, JB to Kuala Lumpur takes about seven night hours or six days hours to reach any of those cities.Through booking with Easybook, a customer saves about 90 minutes of queuing.The KTM trains pay close attention to customer relations all the time. Easybook makes it possible for both locals and tourists to enjoy train services without fatigue while saving them time.

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Thinking of car rental?

carkeyIn the event that you truly need to experience the best in vacationing, consider Malaysia, the place where there is the most glorious beaches and natural excellence! Malaysia is said to be place where there is societies, miracles and attractions. Vacation bundle to Malaysia includes primitive long houses to towering skyscrapers, from the best beaches to jumping spots of the world.

Indeed Malaysia is an impeccable mix of natural magnificence and man-made towers. Malaysia is one of the finest spots that can extinguish your hunger for romance, experience and unadulterated fun and stimulation. Most tourists incline toward the simplicity of getting about by monorail, train or transport, on occasion utilizing a car rental service is the least demanding choice.

Cars can be waved to on the street, employed from hotel anterooms, orchestrated by a taxi counter at the KUL or SZB airports, KL Sentral Station or a few malls and tourist locales, or sorted out by your hotel. Most worldwide car rental offices work in Kuala Lumpur and Penang car rental service online. Costs begin from about RM200 a day for a minimal car with insurance. Corporate rates will get you the car for about RM160. Unleaded Petrol offers for about RM1.92 per liter (as at Sept. 2006),but changes as fuel costs increment or the Government slowly evacuates the fuel subsidy.

Wearing of seat belts for both drivers and front traveler are obligatory and the utilization of mobile or cellular phones whilst driving is precluded. It is prudent for guests here who need to overcome the roads to put resources into a GPS framework before you come. You can download free definite routable maps. In any case, the maps will just work with a Garmin GPS, and not whatever other brand. With a GPS to offer you some assistance with navigating, at any rate you won’t get lost. Maps cover every single significant town of Malaysia and incorporate intriguing purposes of intrigues including food.

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Ferry Price To Langkawi

A Ferry Service that is helpfully named the “Langkawi Ferry” Service runs two Ferries from Penang to Langkawi (and return) every day. The principal is at 8:15am, this one stops at Pulau Payar to start with, and the second Ferry at 8:30am goes straight to Langkawi. Both Ferries cost RM 60.00 for each individual restricted or RM 115.00 for every individual return. The Ferry takes roughly 2 hours and 45 minutes every way.

A standout amongst the most mainstream courses is to go on the quick Ferry Service that works between these two Malaysian islands once a day.There are two water crafts a day that work on this course and the travel time is somewhere around more than two hours and three hours.The Ferry leaves from the north-east corner of Penang. On the coast between Fort Cornwallis and where the Butterworth Ferry arrives. Presumably it arrives back from Langkawi in the same spot.


Fly between Penang Island and Langkawi Island – There are a few ease administrators that offer every day flights between the islands. The toll are really great worth and speedy however you need to consider travel times and expenses from getting to and from the air terminals, particularly in Langkawi where there is no genuine open transport alternatives, so it may wind up costing you a decent lot just to get from the air terminal to your last destination in Langkawi.

Ferry from Penang to Langkawi -There is a Ferry specifically from Penang to Langkawi, which takes 2 hours 45 minutes, as per the calendar. There are additionally Ferries from Kuala Kedah (1 hour 45 minutes to Langkawi), which is on the coast around 15 minutes drive from Alor Star; and Kuala Perlis (1 hour 15 minutes to Langkawi), which is around 45 minutes drive from Alor Star.

In short:
Penang to Langkawi
Langkawi Ferry two times each day: 8:15am and 8:30am
RM 60.00 every individual
Bring: sustenance, beverage, book,

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Visiting KLIA Airport

klia20Voyaging can be a tiring procedure, particularly after a long flight. When you utilize a transportation administration, you never need to stress over driving when you are drained or depleted. You can just permit the driver to get you to or from wherever it is you have to go, without dealing with new roads or hindered driving. You need to ensure that the deal gets sweet; your ride will be as agreeable as could reasonably be expected too.

If you are going in the KLIA, picking a car rental at klia2 gives various advantages over attempting to handle your transportation needs all alone. Notwithstanding these benefits, you’ll additionally have the capacity to exploit reasonable rates, making you are voyaging less demanding than at any other time. What’s more, at the point when considering leasing an auto, realize that most organizations oblige you to put a Mastercard inside of their database. Your credit card will not incur charges unless there are harms to the rental or, you abandon it messy when bringing it back.

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